Learn to ski easier than ever before.

what are bootskis?

Learn to ski on day one and have fun Guaranteed.

BootSkis are a safe, easy, and fun alternative to skis or snowboards. They are made up of three main components. A ski boot style plastic shell, a ski boot liner, and an attached base platform made of the same material as a standard ski base. They even have a sturdy steel edge. They can be serviced just like skis or snowboards and the bases can even be replaced!


A durable plastic two-piece shell that can have varying stiffness depending on the model. Two long-lasting metal buckle enclosures are included for a secure fit and precise adjustments.


High quality liners with a focus on all day comfort and warmth. Adjustable size liners are available on certain models that are ideal for use in rental fleets or for younger users whose feet may still be growing.


A solid base manufactured from the same material as a normal ski base. It can be repaired and tuned by any ski tech and has an embedded metal edge for sharp carves and precise stopping power.

Are bootskis for you?

Check out just a few of the many unique features of bootskis and learn about their benefits.

Easy To Learn

Having a hard time learning to ski? BootSkis are easy to learn. They offer a gentle learning curve with users taking just 30-60 minutes to grasp key techniques.


A safer alternative to traditional skis and snowboards with bindings. Beneficial for young children or people with disabilities by removing the complication of skis or snowboards.


Feel the thrill of experiencing your favorite slopes in an all new way. Walk uphill and traverse the mountain with ease.


With a lower upfront cost and less required gear, BootSkis can be significantly less than a full set of ski or snowboard equipment. Their compact size is also more convenient and cheaper to travel with.


Maximum Fun - Minimum Effort

Bootskis are significantly easier and faster to learn on than skis or snowboards for both kids and adults. It's a perfect fit for anyone interested in hitting the slopes since even people with no experience skiing are able to quickly progress.

Great for adults and children ages 5 and up.
Learn proper skiing techniques without the burden of bulky skis.
Skip the frustration and steep learning curve and have fun on day one.

Safety And Comfort First

Forget about those yard sale crashes, runaway skis, and stuck bindings. By eliminating the additional moving parts skiing and snowboarding require, bootskis offer a more streamlined skiing experience.

Short base allows for slower speeds and more maneuverability.
Simplifies skiing by eliminating the need for bindings and poles.
Compact size makes its easier to recover from mistakes and get up from falls.

Play All Day

Spend time crusing freshly groomed trails or in your favorite terrain park jibbing rails, tricking off jumps, and soaring out of the half pipe. Bootskis are ready to take on anything from mellow terrain to the toughest freestyle features.

Versatile shape and size let you have fun your way on your choice of terrain.
Enjoyable experience at low or high speeds.
No wasted energy getting in and out of bindings throughout the day.

BootSkis are the perfect fit for:


If you can walk you can learn to BootSki in just one day. It's that easy.
Less equipment and lighter weight than skis or snowboards.
Easier to maneuver creating a more independent learning experience.

Cautious or Struggling Skiers

Short base provides more control and easier turning than even the shortest skis.
Simple to use, eliminating the frustrations of complicated ski equipment.
Tried skiing or snowboard and didn't have a good time? Try BootSkis for an all new experience on the slopes.

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Don't just take our word for it. See for yourself how easy BootSkis are to learn.


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